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Washington State
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Massage Practitioner License
# MA 60197801

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Massage Therapist Testimonials

Read the words of those who have written about their massage therapy experience with Mark. Please check back and press your F5 key often, because we regularly update this page.



Was still searching for my regular massage therapist and I finally found him! Mark was so good. My problem area was where he started and he helped me out a lot. It seems when I tell a massage therapist my problem spots, they end with that area and don't spend much time with it. Not this time! I was a little late and he asked me if he could go over time - "uh, heck yea!" It was hard to find b/c I'm not an Eastsider. The parking seemed limited and I got the last tight spot. The place is no frills and not that big but that was one of my top three massages in my life. This is coming from a girl addicted to massage and has a massage a month (I've had over 100 massages in 5 countries).

— Jennifer B., Seattle WA



I am writing to say that Mark Wallace is an absolute Godsend.

I'm 50 years old now. I was involved in two severe car accidents at ages 20 and 41. I have suffered from chronic neck and lower back pain all that time, even though I went through intensive (and sometimes simultaneous) treatment using chiropractic, acupuncture, traction therapy, pain medication and over 300 massages in my lifetime.

No one has ever relieved my pain or helped me make progress like Mark. He has changed (and is changing) my life. After only a couple of sessions with him, I can walk, drive, sleep through the night, and do my daily activities. I already don't even need my cane anymore. Also, my lower back and neck muscles are testing stronger now each time Mark works on me. I'm getting stronger.

The man's abilities are amazing. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants relief from back or neck pain.

I'm overjoyed about the results I'm getting from his work.

— Ken C., Redmond WA



I'm in my mid-50s and have had many massages before. 30 years ago I fell several feet from the back of a huge freight truck and landed on my tailbone on the pavement below. Broken tailbone and several herniated discs. I see a chiropractor every 2 weeks on average.

About all I can do for a living now is to sit at my computer and find things to do online. That compounds my problem. I had the blessing of meeting Mark a few months ago. I can honestly say that his skill and devotion to thoroughness has helped me more than any other massage therapist ever has. The only bummer is that he cannot be cloned so that more people could get the kind of pain relief that I get from Mark. He's just unbelievable.

— G.M., Bellevue WA


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